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Welcome to the Department of Surgery (2)
We are Specialists in Cardiovascular,
Breast/Endocrine, and Thoracic Surgery.

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About Us

Basic Principles

>Kenji Okada

Professor of caldiovascular surgery
Kenji Okada


Professor of breast,endocrine and thoracic surgery
Ken-ichi Ito

The Shinshu University School of Medicine reorganized what had been the Nos. 1 and 2 Departments of Surgery, putting the Department of Surgery (2) in charge of breast and endocrine, thoracic, and cardiovascular surgeries on April , 2003,.
Starting in November 2014, Professor Kenji Okada took up a position at the division of cardiovascular surgery, and Ken-ichi Ito took up a position at the division of breast/endocrine and thoracic surgery. These two divisions collaborate in the clinic, on research, and on education.