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Message from the professor of the division of cardiovascular surgery

Ken-ichi ITO

Kenji Okada
Professor of caldiovascular surgery

On November 1, 2014, I became a professor of cardiovascular surgery in Shinshu University’s Department of Surgery. At my former job, I dealt with ischemic heart diseases, valvular diseases, and aortic diseases, so I hope to use this experience to offer the most appropriate and advanced care to the patients I see at Shinshu University. I have had success with emergency care, so I hope to maintain a no refusal policy with respect to emergency patients.

Another important mission I have is training capable workers. In addition to technical skills, we need to improve clinicians’ nontechnical skills, particularly their communications skills. Surgery is an incredibly stimulating profession that offers a great sense of accomplishment. We are waiting for interested young candidates.

And finally, research is important. In medicine it is said that today’s contraindications are tomorrow’s indications. Things that are forbidden today because something cannot be overcome may be permitted tomorrow thanks to just one breakthrough. This is something I have experienced. I want to conduct research that will be useful in the clinic and share this information with the world.

Cardiovascular surgery, Kenji Okada

Advanced Cardio-Vascular Center (ACVC)

In our hospital, circulatory internal medicine physicians and cardiovascular surgeons work in the same ward, the ACVC, a feature of which is that all specialists work well as a single division. Whether at conferences or in daily medical practice, the atmosphere is one of candid and forthright mutual consultation and instruction.

Stent graft therapy for aortic aneurysms

Our division performs conventional prosthetic graft replacement for abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms, but we also focus on stent graft therapy including hybrid therapy of vasucular and endovascular surgery. In fact, we have achieved stable results using stent graft as a standard treatment.

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